Worx Rapid 5 Resin Pad 200Grit 125mm

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RAPID 5 is a 125mm/5-inch polishing pad designed for hand-held machines. Incorporating theWORX+ HALO technology where the resin bonded diamond abrasive material is located around the periphery, the RAPID 5 is designed for maximum production speed.


 – Abrasive material distributed around the perimeter of the pad ensuring working pressure is applied to the area of the polishing pad that yields maximum results

− Unique WORX+ resin bonded diamond compound ensures continually “sharp” grinding performance enabling rapid scratch refinement.

− Extremely lightweight making it more tolerant to higher RPM ranges.

− Velcro backed.

− Centre hole for easy alignment.


− 125mm / 5” diameter

− Available in 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500 grits

− 0-6000rpm