Environmental Programme


Get with the programme!

MDT ensures that the products that you are buying for your work has minimal or zero impact on the environment. The chemicals that are used are non-toxic. It must not be discharged into groundwater or rivers affecting animals or fish.

However, the biggest impact the products have, are the plastic containers. In order to address this Mega Diamond Tools have implemented the MEGASMART Programme.


Reduce: Reuse the Containers

The best way to reduce the impact on landfill is to reuse your containers.

To reuse your containers:

  • Ensure that your containers are cleaned out so there is no cross contamination of chemicals.
  • Use the inside drains, not stormwater drains or wash onto your lawn; and
  • Bring it along to MDT


Recycle: Recycle the empty container

 Once you have used up your chemicals, and the container is no longer fit for purpose, recycle the container then you:

  • Simply rinse out the container, then bring it to a MDT collection centre.
  • An MDT staff member will inspect the container before accepting it.
  • Each container recycled is one less container that ends up in a landfill.
  • If there are no MDT collection centres in your area, contact your local council for recycling options.


Other Environmental Considerations


Buy MDT Environmentally Safe approved products

MDT is going through the process of certifying its products so that it meets specific conditions endorsed by the Ministry for the Environment.


Buy Good Quality Products

Lower quality chemicals, while cheaper in the short run is false economy. It will not work as well and leave your floor short on the quality front. It will either not grout as well or harden as well. With the result is that the floor is going to look as good as it can at the ed of the job.

In addition, the biggest cost of any job is labour. It’s better to spend a little more to get a longer life, than to try and save a few dollars and take years off the finish.




Bring your unwanted plastic drums into your local MDT collection centre and let us take care of them for you.

You are welcome to bring back plastic containers that have been used previously for your chemicals. A small charge applies to the return of non-MDT branded products to cover the costs of the MDT MEGASMART Programme ($2-00)

With your help, we hope to have a substantial impact on minimising the impact on the environment, and become the leader in the polished concrete retail industry.


When Re-Using Containers:

  • Ensure that the container is rinsed out three times;
  • Ensure that there is no liquid or any other matter in the container to avoid contamination of your products. 

When Dropping off containers for recycling:

  • Ensure the containers are rinsed three times internally;
  • Remove any tape or other labels that you may put on the container.

We cannot accept:

  • Any type of paints;
  • Oils;
  • Aerosols;
  • Or any other materials.






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